HR Policy



Personnel Policy of Akkord Steel Construction Company LLC is a set of comprehensive measures deemed for formation of a personnel resource base, identification of capacity building, recruitment of the professional staff by progressive ways on specialties and occupations required to increase labor productivity, creation of necessary conditions for development of human resources and management of human resources more efficiently.

The Company attaches a great importance to the human factor. The Company's Human Resources Division is operating under the personnel policy, which highly appreciates the human factor. The company knows that the most valuable capital - is its staff and provides an effective management.     

The Company’s HR Division prepares and implements specific programs and strategies to ensure the most optimal human resource of the company, to motivate and develop according to the career system as well as to reward and provide the sustainability of its employees.      

The Company’s management pays special attention to the capacity building and using state-of-art technologies in their work while developing its personnel policy.      

At the same time, we pay close attention to the strict observance of the requirements of the laws of Azerbaijan Republic, established norms and rules regulating rights and responsibilities of workers, fulfillment of job and professional duties, and placing confidence and respect to every employee in our Company.      


Human Resources recruiting – recruiting employees by competition (testing, professional tests, and interview) in accordance with the principle of creating equal opportunities.      

Sustainable development - definition and organization of a training 2 times during the year, which can improve the skills of the staff;     

Career development planning – promotion of employees as a result of the measurement of skills and progress on duties through performance appraisal;    

Motivation management – setting and applying an incentive system that will ensure the efficient functioning of employees by determining their material and non-material (psychosocial) needs;      

Social security - development of a social security system that provides an efficient performance and protection of employees’ rights in labor collectives;      

Occupational safety - provision of safe and healthy working conditions for employees to ensure their efficient performance.      

Measures on directions of activity:

       1.  Identification, analysis and implementation of demand on capacity building and human resources by quantity and quality;
       2. Development and implementation of a system for selection and placement of employees to vacancies;
       3. Development and implementation of training and development plans to gain necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors for employees;
      4. Development of a career management system that ensures the continuous development of employees within the company and identifies their potential by taking into account their knowledge, skills, and the level of responsibility as well as serves to their promotion on the objective basis;
    5. Ensuring a compliance with international standards during the execution of functions, the introduction of new technologies enabling the operativeness, process automation;
       6. Planning, implementation, and control of Human Resource Management processes in all structural units of the Company based on the same principles and by applying advanced methods;
       7. Material and non-material awarding and ensuring of employees;
       8. Determination of the level of labor intensity within a collective;
       9. Providing a working condition in accordance with health, safety and environmental principles.
      Our company operates in a very competitive market. We have developed a company culture of high performance with a view to reaching challenging goals and maintaining business success. The Performance Development system implemented in our company helps us to increase and optimize performance and progress, creates motivation and provides opportunities for employees to develop and grow.      

Our goal is to become a worldwide company providing high-quality products. Dare, Care, Simplify – our values that are the foundation for our daily operations.