Steel structure works of underground and aboveground crossings

  Important steps have been taken in the capital and regions in recent years to establish an advanced road infrastructure. Numerous overpasses, bridges, tunnels, underground and above-ground pedestrian crossings as well as roads meeting international standards are under construction throughout the country. All of this work is carried out in accordance with the "State Program on the Renewal and Development of the Road Network in Azerbaijan ". As a result of the focused activities carried out within the framework of these programs, different road infrastructure facilities built and put into operation with high quality.
  “Akkord Steel Construction Company” LLC pays special attention to high-quality steelworks of the built, installed underground and aboveground pedestrian crossings to ensure the safe passage of the pedestrians to the other side of the road (or street). Our newly built and installed underground and aboveground pedestrian crossings comply with the modern standards. We use high-quality construction materials and calculate the altitude as well as the length precisely. It also allows heavy trucks to move safely. The high-skilled specialists have installed the steel parts of the crossings. Four aboveground pedestrian crossings in Nobel Avenue or a newly installed aboveground pedestrian crossing in Absheron section of Baku - Sumgayit Highway can be an example to our delivered facilities.  Besides, we have closely involved in the construction and installation of other subways and aboveground crossings as well as bridges.     The great efforts have been made in the installation of the guardrails of the subway from the stainless steel at the intersection of Bulbul Avenue and Fuzuli street as well as in the installation of the guardrails of several bridges in Khatai district, the guardrails of the railway bridge in Nobel Avenue and the guardrails of sixteen junctions on Baku-Guba highway and etc. including the installation and the commissioning of the relevant facilities of the aboveground and underground crossings and bridges.
   The improvement of the road transport system as a social measure is also an indicator of the economic strength of our country. The ambitious infrastructure projects implemented in the country at the current stage are evidence of the fact that the successes of recent years not only fully unlock the potential of Azerbaijan, but also confirm that the steps calculated for the future development of our country are taken in the right direction. One of our priority tasks is to update the road infrastructure of the capital to a more modern level in accordance with the instructions of the head of state.