Quality policy

The main goal of "Khirdalan Metal Construction" LLC is to meet costumer’s needs by manufacturing high-quality steel structures and products as well as providing other services to them based on its quality policy.     

In this connection, the plant’s management set out the following objectives:

·   To improve the quality management system continuously by respecting and complying with regulatory requirements;

·    To support and develop the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008;

·    To undertake a comprehensive investigation of the customers’ requirements as well as to increase the quality of the produced metal products and the services constantly as per to customers' needs and proposals;

·    To increase the level of professionalism of the staff constantly in connection with the development of science and technology and to use their potential to achieve the goals set forth;

·     To fulfill all requirements of regulatory documents which affect the development of  "Khirdalan Metal Construction" LLC and its activity;

·    To comply with the terms of the agreement timely in order to ensure customers’ satisfaction by establishing the ever-changing infrastructure of "Khirdalan Metal Construction" LLC;

·    To achieve high-quality steel production in the field of metal structures as per requirements of customers with the final aim to expand the range of free activities of "Khirdalan Metal Construction" LLC;

·    To promote "Khirdalan Metal Construction" LLC as the best steel company in the international arena and to provide integration therein.