Khirdalan Steel Construction Plant of AKKORD hosted a meeting with the management of SOCAR

Khirdalan Steel Construction Plant of Akkord Steel Constuction Company LLC, a subsidiary of Akkord Corporation, starting to operate at the end of 2015, has been reconstructed in compliance with the highest standards and is always in the focus of attention with its diversified and qualified production capacity.  

On March 17, the world's largest national oil company SOCAR - State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) delegation arrived at the plant to become familiar with the plant's manufacturing capabilities. Goksel Aibek, General Manager of Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation OJSC, Mustafa Mamedov, Director of Akkord Steel Construction Company LLC and other senior managers met a delegation led by SOCAR Vice President Mikhail Ismayilov at the administrative building of the plant. Following that, the plant covering of 5.5 hectares was presented to the delegation.

The representatives of the plant presented the products fabricating at the steel construction, metal smelting and facade cladding workshops of the plant with state-of-art technologies from USA, Turkey, and Germany and gave detailed information on each equipment. The delegation familiarized themselves with the quality indicators of the products. The visual tour of the plant ended with the presentation of the modern showroom and conference hall of the plant.

Mikayil Ismayilov, the head of the delegation, highly praised the current production status and potential capacity of Khirdalan Steel Construction Plant. He stressed that the plant could be considered as an exemplary, properly designed and modern plant with the highest potential capacity and expressed his serious interest to the majority of the fabricating products. The vice president gave a task to the members of the delegation to investigate all cooperation opportunities of SOCAR with Akkord Steel Construction Company LLC. The official of SOCAR expressed his gratitude to Akkord Corporation’s management for the warm welcome. 

After the guests left, Goksel Aibek, General Manager of Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation OJSC held a meeting dedicated to the results of the visit of SOCAR representatives at the conference hall of the plant’s administrative building.