The Minister of Economy Shahin Mustafayev highly praised production capacity of Akkord Steel Construction Company LLC

The conference hall of Khirdalan Steel Structures Plant of "Akkord Steel Construction Company" LLC, a subsidiary of "Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation" OJSC, which were brought to highest standards following the large-scale reconstruction works and equipped with state-of-art equipment, hosted the meeting with a delegation led by Shahin Mustafayev, the Minister of Economy and other officials - Deputy Minister Niyazi Safarov, Head of Industry Department Samad Bashirli on December 19, 2015.

The meeting was attended by Goksel Aibek, General Manager of Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation OJSC, Mustafa Mamedov, Director of Akkord Steel Construction Company LLC as well as other senior representatives.  Opening the meeting, Shahin Mustafayev stressed that diversification of economy and development of the non-oil sector is one of the priority areas of the social-economic policy pursued by the President Ilham Aliyev. He noted that the government attaches a great importance to the development of the industry that is a main branch of the economy by highlighting the increase of the GDP production by 3 times, the industrial production by 2.7 times, the non-oil sector by 1.8 times over 10 years.                                                        

The minister spoke about the development of different industrial areas, noted the successful performance of Akkord Corporation in the development of the non-oil sector, and expressed the importance of the Corporation in meeting the demand for construction materials of construction industry at the expense of local products along with construction-installation works.  He expressed his confidence about the contribution of Khirdalan Steel Structures Plant, the venue of the meeting, to the development of the non-oil sector and the country’s industrial strengthening potential as a newcomer.                      

Addressing the meeting, General Manager of Akkord Corporation Goksel Aibek gave brief information to the Minister about the activities of the Corporation and expressed his satisfaction with the support provided for the development of the private sector as well as to Akkord Corporation, one of the giant representatives of this industry, by the government, especially by the Minister of Economy under the guidance of the President Ilham Aliyev. The General Manager pointed out that Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation OJSC, operating in construction and industry as well as manufacturing the competitive product for more than 10 years, includes 15 companies covering 39 institutions acting in various fields of industry.  The representative offices are being established in several foreign countries including China, Russia, Iran, Oman and Kuwait. The Corporation has appeared with an investment proposal for participation in foreign projects amounted to $ 1.5 billion. The total value of Akkord Corporation’s portfolio on current construction projects is 901 million AZN. The Corporation has applied for a construction of three power stations with 150 MW/hour of each. Moreover, discussions are ongoing for participation in the construction project of a power plant together with South Korean "Hyundai" in Iran as well as in industrial projects to be implemented in Qatar and Emirates. In addition, the General Manager added that as an associated organization he hope for more support from the Ministry of Economy at specific issues on a number of projects to be implemented.               

The Minister Shahin Mustafayev expressed his readiness to provide any kind of support as well as advice and recommendations on various issues for Akkord Corporation as all other private sector representatives.                                                                                         

Thereafter, Khirdalan Steel Structures Plant, which is ready for production, was presented to the Minister. It was reported that covering 5.5 ha area the plant is equipped with state-of-art equipment with high-performance and manufactured in Turkey, the USA, and Finland and Germany.  The monthly output of the plant is 1000 tons. The plant consists of three workshops: steel structures, metal smelting, and façade cladding. In addition, the plant covers an administrative building of 2.595 m2, a canteen of 1.200 m2, a boiler for heating and a reservoir as well as a pumping station and a transformer.  The plant staff for one shift is 450 persons. The production areas of the plant include a various steel structures for heavy steel structures, cement, concrete, asphalt plants and service areas of agricultural sector - silos, bunkers, platforms, conveyors, rollers, sieves, terrestrial links etc., cast iron and steel structures of any size, protection grids, as well as concrete frames and profiled sheeting for fences.                                     

At the end of the meeting, the Minister emphasized once again the high importance of Khirdalan Steel Structures Plant in terms of enlargement of the country's industrial capacity, the reduction of dependence on imported products of various steel structures as well as the creation of new job opportunities.